This year, Apple for the first time addressed not to one of the regular no-name illustrators who usually make out all the stories in the “Today” tab in the App Store, and engaged a young Russian artist Sonia Borisov. Sonia created on the iPad Pro illustration for the section “inspires Us”, which appears March 8 in the tab “Today” is the first thing users see when they log in the App Store. The story of “Her day” tells about a typical day in the life of a young girl about the applications that she uses. Sonia will formalize the selection of apps in the same tab, and make art for thematic minocycli in iTunes. If you want to learn more about Sonya, the 8 Mar in category “app of the day” in the App Store will suficienta the app ProCreate (it’s one of the most popular illustrators of the programs), where you will learn many interesting things about this artist.

There’s a reason we took Sonia Borisov to participate in our category, “the Artist draws for Buro.” it is March 8, because of their playful drawings and design have for tattoos she constantly raises the issue of feminism and awareness of a woman his power. So, Sonya Borisova answers to our questions without further ADO.

Girls best friend is…?

What problem would you solve?

Manifest your art?

How to stop constantly compare yourself with someone?

The best way to take care of themselves?

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