28 Jun 2005 Apple released a new version of iTunes which has created a completely new type of media, until that moment unknown and unpopular.

ITunes 4.9 has a new audio format. It was podcasts. Now podcasts are another source of information that can be consumed using various applications on both Mac and iOS, and even Android.

Apple has created a tool that allowed to create podcasts for those who are willing to write them down. As well as the ability to download and listen to podcasts users that are interested in them.

At the time of launch, iTunes was available 3 000 free podcasts, each of which is automatically loaded on the iPod when adding to iTunes library. Among them were records of such companies as ABC, BBC, CLear, The Dawn and others.

Now we listen to BeardyCast, DisgustingMen, Series and other popular editions. And listen to them not only in the corporate Apple, but in the popular third-party applications. For example, Castro, Pocket Casts and Overcast.

Industry podcasts are actively growing and developing with the support of Apple. If you listen to any interesting and original podcasts, share your finds in the comments.


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