American Corporation Apple forever sends back the whole industry, replacing them with their services. About it it is told in the publication, prepared by the authors of the Telegram-channel “Economy of the digital era”.

The article notes that 10 years have passed, as Apple using the iPod software and music in the iTunes store destroyed the existing value chain of the music industry. The Corporation was able to convince major record labels to sell individual songs for 99 cents apiece, after which Apple quickly became the largest retailer of music in the United States. Record labels have complained that Apple immediately received a monopoly in the whole industry, but it was too late.

Currently, the IT giant went the same way, offering subscription TV+ for $5 a month (Netflix has it costs $13 per month, for Disney+ $7-8), making the company a major competitor for any of the online cinema in the world, and in fact destroys their business because of dumping Apple cannot compete to any market participant.

Is under threat and the industry provide electronic medical care. The Corporation develops mutual integration of their watches and medical services that help to monitor the health of the user and to lead a healthy life, thereby calling into question the business of any competitor in this field.

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