It is considered that the American kibervoyska equipped with the most advanced and secret technology straight from the NSA and the CIA. They know the ins and outs of all the inhabitants of the Earth thanks to Apple and Amazon. However, US Cyber Command consists of selected Amateurs. Just recently the “skilled” cyberbite disgraced the attack on the servers of a subsidiary of RIA FAN USAReally. In the editorial office found out, what was the purpose of Americans.

February 26, The Washington Post said that cybervictim the United States managed to turn off the server, “Internet research Agency” (associated with the mythical “trolls”) from the global Internet. According to the United States the newspaper, it happened last year on the eve of elections to the U.S. Congress. However, no evidence was provided.

The charges against the FAN and the child projects of the Agency is needed only in order to justify the illegal attack information. Last fall, journalists IA complained about coming to their address by SMS threats. The message was written in broken Russian and sent out with the African rooms.

The November diversion year not surprised FAN. If earlier it was still possible to wonder about the initiator of cyber attacks, after the material to The Washington Post, it became clear that it was the work of the us military.

In 2018 in cyber command was requested expanded budget for projects against the “enemies of the United States”. The money was allocated, although rationally they would spend on the fight against terrorism. However, the taxpayers ‘ money went to cyber attacks. One of the priority objectives of the US subsidiary project FAN USAReally.

Due to cyber attacks was disabled controller on the internal office server and displayed two hard drives out of four. However, this did not stop the FAN to continue working normally. But as US Cyber Command was able to access the servers?

Initially an attempt was made to infect the computer edition of “Trojan” under the form of a certain letter with an important attachment. Failed to connect to the Iphone journalist to get into my work computer when he was synced with a smartphone via a cable. It gave “green light” for the invasion of LAN FAN.

US Cyber Command tried to take control of mirrors of the site USAReally, but the hack attempt failed. After the failure of the intelligence agencies decided to detain chief editor of the portal Alexander Malkevich. In his gadgets American special agents have long sought some sensitive information, but found nothing. However, this did not prevent US to make a subsidiary company of FAN in the sanctions list.

Now the Western biased media tell about the successful shutdown of the Federal news Agency, although in fact this was rather unfortunate hacker attack. Attempt to isolate the Russian edition has not justified itself. So the US government is now trying to cover up their total incompetence loud newspaper headlines.

CEO FANG Eugene Zubarev has noticed that Americans perceive hostility to any independent point of view.

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