In Microsoft claim that hackers from Iran allegedly orchestrated a series of attacks against high-ranking officials in the United States associated with the election campaign in the country. According to the Corporation, the attackers tried to get access to 241 account of American civil servants, journalists and “eminent persons from Iran.” Experts called the statement of Microsoft was politically motivated. According to them, it can become another reason for increasing pressure on Iran from Washington. In addition, the company is trying to attract attention and to achieve different types of preferences, analysts say.

The American Corporation Microsoft claims that Iranian hackers organized the attack against the political elite of the United States, as well as a number of other persons with the purpose of “meddling” in US presidential election in 2020.

“Today we announce fixed us a significant cyberactivist on the part of the hacker group called Phosphorus in our opinion, created in Iran and associated with the Iranian government… For 30 days of observation between August and September this year, the Center intelligence threats to Microsoft found that the Phosphorus group has carried out more than 2,700 attempts to identify the account email belonging to particular customers of Microsoft, and then attacked 241 of these accounts,” — said in a statement.

It also specifies that the attack individuals, or otherwise associated with an American election campaign, as well as current and former state officials, international journalists, and “prominent figures from Iran,” living outside of this country. However, according to the company, the hackers managed to hack the account in only four cases.

“Although the attack, which we now report, was not technically complex, their implementation was an attempt to involve a significant amount of personal information to identify user accounts, against whom was directed this work, and in some cases to carry out the attack. All this indicates that the Phosphorus group has sufficient motivation to spend a lot of time and resources to search and the various methods of gathering information,” said Microsoft.

The company noted that it reported the incident to “national government and private companies more openly talked about attacks on the part of States and efforts to disrupt the democratic process”.

“Use infopovod”

The scientist-americanist Dmitry Drobnicki believes that IT-giants make such statements to position itself as a full political players.

“In this case, to effectively remind everybody about yourself in this way, Microsoft uses such infopovod as intervention in the elections, as this topic is all hearsay and highly discussed in American society. This is not the fact that these attacks were actually carried out,” says Drobnicki.

“All of these statements seem ridiculous, considering that the Obama administration used a computer virus Stuxnet to sabotage the Iranian nuclear program, which was suspended. Washington and today continues to practice the intervention in the Affairs of sovereign States”, — said expert of the Center for security studies of RAS Konstantin Blokhin.

According to Drobnitch such it giants as Microsoft, seek to establish their own rules in the world of cyberspace.

“They provide a platform for global communication and however set their own standards for censorship. In fact, they influence the formation of information agenda, on their own accord, and this trend will over time become more vivid shapes”, — the expert believes.

“Political flexibility”

At the same time, as analysts underline, the views of Donald trump and Microsoft on Iran coincide. According to Konstantin Blokhin, the company, accusing the Iranian hackers, acting “in concert with the White house.”

“So Washington, using a Corporation to demonize Iran and thereby creating a pretext for further increasing pressure. USA need to have their actions against Tehran was the most legitimate and supported by the international community. Because the withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear deal is perceived negatively around the world, including most of their closest allies,” — says Konstantin Blokhin.

According to Dmitry Travnickova, claiming the cyber attacks “from the Iranian hackers,” Microsoft is seeking to enlist the support of Donald trump.

“The company is trying to play on the side of those politicians who could be helpful to her. If trump is elected for a second term, Microsoft will need this to live. So surrounded by the Republican party, the company will have to find people who will support the Corporation,” says Drobnicki.

He recalled that “political flexibility” of this kind shows not only Microsoft, but Apple.

“CEO of the Corporation Tim cook was at first supported Hillary Clinton, and then changed political circumstances, and he came to Donald Trump and began to negotiate with him. It companies of such level play by their own rules and will look for any ways it would be possible to influence politicians,” — said the analyst.

“A platform for manipulation”

Washington blames “interference” in the elections precisely those countries with which it has a complicated relationship, say the scientists.

So, in September, the second annual National conference on cyber security, Pentagon chief mark Esper stated that “Russia, Iran, China and the DPRK are considering cyber warfare as a way of countering the United States.” The defence Minister has called Russia and China “strategic competitors” of Washington.

A similar argument is contained in the report of the Department of homeland security United States (DHS), where Russia, China and Iran are called “enemies” using kiberbezopasnosti to undermine the infrastructure of democratic values and the theft of us state secrets.

We will remind, in April the experts of the “Atlantic Council”* at the U.S. Congress once again accused Moscow of a hacking attack on the servers of the democratic party and the spread of the virus NotPetya. However, no evidence of Russian involvement was not provided. Earlier it became known that the Russian State system of detection, prevention and elimination of consequences of computer attacks (Gossipy) identified more than 4.3 billion attacks on critical information infrastructure of the Russian Federation, 25 million of which was aimed at Internet resources dedicated to the 2018 world Cup. Then the Deputy Director of the National coordination center for computer incidents (NCCI) Nikolai Murashov stressed that Moscow is dealing “with the secret service of a foreign state”.

In turn, Konstantin Blokhin, commenting on the unsubstantiated allegations of Washington against Russia, Iran and other countries, recalled that during the administration of George W. Bush was nominated “the concept of rogue States”, suggesting that the official US line is to change regimes in Iran, Iraq and North Korea.

“Today, however, trump the task is more ambitious — to try to create more large-scale the axis of evil. Washington regularly deliberately emphasizes that the partnership between Russia, China and Iran is supposedly intended to undermine U.S. leadership in the world. The white house leads these States to a common denominator and identificeret them as a threat to consolidate the West” — said the expert.

Blokhin also said that the cyberspace of today is the most prospective platform “for warfare of the future.”

“Accordingly, a major it Corporation — tools for future attacks. Today synchronized action Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft as well as other American networks can be platforms for the manipulation of information and society”, — concluded the expert.

* “The Atlantic Council” — an organization whose activities are deemed undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Prosecutor General from 25.07.2019.

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