Paul Gorodnitsky – how not to fall into a rhetorical trap.

12-15 years ago the rates were simple and straightforward: fill up the money, spend it on calls/SMS, enjoy life. Mobile Internet used units so that the situation in the spirit of “I was cleared 100 thousand, guard, thief!” was practically absent.

Operators, of course, already suspected that they slip left options, but loud and clear these claims began only in the last 5-6 years, when all have switched to tariffs with monthly fee. The money in the Treasury of the conditional MTS and so flowing, but make you want something even more, so there was additional services. Music is dial tone, caller ID SMS weather, automatic web acceleration and other debris.

The task of the operator – to sell this stuff to the client. Similarly, for example, a vparivayut unnecessary superstroke on your smartphone. And banks – pseudolite service cards. And providers – plus 50 of useless digital channels. The scheme is the same everywhere: to sell the main product only with a high margin load.

But people are also not stupid. Over time people feeling cheating and divorce, began to refuse all options. They offer, and they shake their head and only take what you came for. Disorder.

Of course, operators and other companies immediately bearings. And now in the lexicon of consultants is no longer the word “connect”. It is forbidden, because it causes anger and anxiety. No one will ask “You to connect Stas Mikhailov instead of beeps?” – so the client will immediately understand that now he could use a cache, and firmly say no.

In this case the verb “connect” is not so easy to find a synonym. To pull up? Connect? All fits all by.

But the point is that synonymous with search and is not necessary. Recently, consultants and all employees of call centers pay describe (mostly) the same way: “You available”.

You available an extended warranty on the smartphone.

You available patilopastny billing after the end of the package.

You have a detailed SMS notification.

All these sentences are uttered without the interrogative intonation – Advisor simply reads the list of services. But when the customer nods or says “yeah”, in the column immediately put a check. And go then prove that you have nothing connected operator (Bank, provider) will immediately refer to the fact that the customer agreed to everything.

Absurd. These options are available in exactly the same way as, for example, shoes are not your size in a Shoe store. Yes, they are in stock – they are available. Yes, you have enough money to pay for them – just available. But you don’t need them.

The word “available” creates a magical effect. On the one hand, it implies a certain free – “available by default”. On the other it sounds harmless. “Well, is available and accessible. Would rather have the contract to draw” – think customer, until the greedy sellers quietly put a check mark after each nod.

So remember: “affordable” – a new synonym for the word “connect”. Do not fall for such tricks and always read what you pay for – usually it helps to avoid the arrogant and inadequate funds withdrawal from the account.


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