10 July 2007 **was published the first method of “jailbreaking” an Apple iPhone. Since the hacking system called “escape from prison” accompanies all new smartphones from Cupertino.

Historically such an operation with their mobile phones Apple users did for several reasons. First jailbreak organized themselves known, including hacking the Sony PlayStation 3 hacker Geohot.

The debut version of the iPhone was “locked” to work with mobile operator AT&T that satisfied not all buyers. Geohot has made the second beta of the smart phone from the SIM card of a specific mobile operator. Video to YouTube of 17-year-old hacker demonstrated the first “liberated” iPhone for example cellular and T-Mobile.

In addition to the s operator on the jailbreak first generation iPhone was allowed to change the desktop Wallpaper and the ringtone. And then there was “in-house” programs that can be installed on the smartphone, bypassing the official App store. Exotic programs (mostly) and tweaking of the iOS interface (to a lesser extent) — the main reason for jailbreak and modern versions of iPhone.

To forbid to “pick” the firmware of smartphones to their customers, Apple could not, therefore, from a legal point of view, the jailbreak is still legal way of operating the iPhone. However, with each new version of iOS Apple engineers deprive users of the possibility of “escape from prison” the old-fashioned way — battle armor and shell (hackers and developers of iOS) does not cease to this day.

July 10, 1962 into orbit, the first communications satellite Telstar-1. He became the world’s first commercial satellite, and opened an era of satellite telephony and television. For him the efforts were combined telecommunications company AT&T, Bell Telephone Laboratories, and NASA, coupled with British and French news services, and the start demanded substantial at that time in the amount of $3 million
However, the result was worth it — the satellite was handled telecasts and maintained the 60-channel telephone service. Previously with a similar task in orbit was sent to an experimental NASA satellite Echo-1, however, he pursued strictly scientific goals and represent a primitive ball, reflecting signals from the Ground.

Telstar was much heaped with their modest dimensions (weight — 171 kg, diameter 88 cm) was full of the transmitting and receiving electronics.

The Telstar satellite was predicted to have an important role in international broadcasting and telephony, but he lived long

Since the start up in orbit, the satellite took a little over 2.5 hours — he flew with the American air force base near Portland. On the same day, the Telstar was engaged in maintenance of telephone conversations, Fax transmissions and television. Even live was satellite capable, which was used by U.S. President John F. Kennedy, after a transatlantic press conference.

Satellite pioneer stopped working fairly ridiculous way — he came down after the nuclear tests of the United States called Starfish Prime, when Americans became curious, what effect will provoke a nuclear weapon, if it blow up in space.

In the framework of the nuclear program, the US armed forces first unsuccessfully launched a missile with nuclear weapons and “spilled” radiation island near Hawaii. But a month later they made the warhead to explode at an altitude of 400 km from the Earth, causing all electrical and electronic equipment has failed within a radius of 1500 km. got almost all satellites in low orbit, including Telstar, which by that time did not have time to study and 6 months.

May 10, 1968 in the United States registered a patent for a laser Blaster (gun). The patent describes a method of work of the “portable beam generator,” which did not require connection to the mains, and the principle of the weapon was based on the properties of pulsed laser consisting of a compact pumping source and the resonator. The implication was that this gun was able occasionally to produce beam shots and very awkward to recharge the lamps required for firing.

The content of the patent for the first laser gun

Despite the fact that externally, the gun like a firearm counterparts, the power of these “blasters” leaves much to be desired — even modern designs of laser weapons can easily burn through the foam, or a thin layer of wood at the distance of 3 meters. Hence, any lethal use of such “guns” out of the question.

By the way, in the Soviet Union from the mid 1980-ies of the astronauts relied laser gun. However, it was designed to damage the optical systems of the enemy in conditions of weightlessness, when firearms were ineffective and would rather kill its owner and a space ship than to hit the intended target. To harm another astronaut was required to fire the eyeball that for a person without specialized training in real life it was hardly feasible.

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