As a private Corporation holds in his hands e-the fate of the world? Don’t miss the new edition of “Special report” 3 June at 18: 30 on TV channel “Star”.

To imagine modern life without the Internet or mobile phone is impossible. According to official statistics, the world wide web today involved more than 4 billion people, i.e. more than two thirds of the entire population of the Earth. In Russia this figure is even higher. Experts claim that four out of five Russians spend every day on the Internet about three hours of his time.

Virtual reality has become so real that no one even can not think that you can disable it. But just press a few keys, and access to the global information flow will be cut off.

Google the owner of Android, has denied the market leader in mobile devices, the Chinese company Huawei in your software. More precisely in the update of established programs. Essentially, Android in Chinese smartphone Huawei soon to die, making one of the best selling vehicles in the world, into a pile of useless metal.

“The refusal of Google to deliver your shell Android for Huawei is a political decision, nothing else. It is also clear that this is only the beginning of process pressure on China. I think that now will respond to various licenses. Patents the company made in the USA”, — said political analyst Alexander Asaph.

The Internet has trained a whole generation of people who need access to free information. But freedom was a myth. No infinite network. Any company, be it Google, Microsoft or Apple, is not independent.

“May be, de jure, applies to some individuals in the United States, but de facto it represent absolutely all the information the CIA, NSA, the Pentagon, the US government”, — told reporters “Special report”, Ivan Alekhin, an expert in the field of IT-technologies and innovations.

It turns out that the Internet is kind of a nobody, General. But that by which it exists, is in the USA. And the berry on the cake is the Corporation for assigned names and addresses on the Internet — ICANN. Formally independent. But until 2016, this non-profit organization the actual was under the control of the US government.

“Of course, location determines how whatever was said about independence. No matter how to say, where you are, who feeds the girl, one of her dances. It is clear that they strive to be as independent as possible. But you can’t be independent while in the jurisdiction of another state”, — said Herman Klimenko, Chairman of the Board, Foundation for the development of the digital economy.

In internal documents of the ICANN clearly States: subject to the laws of the state of California. And the Charter, allegedly independent from anyone, of the Corporation read the following: “…when the policy affects the public interest, to seek the advice of the Governmental Advisory Committee and take into account any advice timely presented by the Governmental Advisory Committee.”

“President of the United States enshrines the right to a preemptive strike in cyberspace against Russia. Recently the American Agency reported that they dealt a successful blow to the wording of one of the Russian media in St. Petersburg, which they suspect of meddling in the election. That is, in principle, this war is already underway, and Americans used their weapon against us,” said Asaph.

What kind of trouble can deliver Russia in cyberspace and how to avoid it? And whether the Russian Federation to abandon the American software? Don’t miss a new investigation into “Special report” 3 June at 18: 30 on TV channel “Star”.

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