In the new version of the iPhone that is likely to have caused excitement among Apple fans.

As far as I know, the Japanese youth mostly use only iPhones. Sometimes even that over the high school girl being bullied in class, if they have smartphones on the Android platform.

And recently on Twitter there was a message that touched me: “One of the seven strange middle-aged men: the smartphone for some reason on Android.”

I use a smartphone Android. There are my reasons. First, some years ago, when smartphones appeared, I had the device on which it was possible to listen to audio in HD quality with the noise canceling function and not tied to the SIM card so it can be used abroad.

IPhone this is not allowed, so the choice fell on Android. I now have another Android smartphone that supports two SIM cards (I have Japanese and Russian). The iPhone and now there is no such function.

Thus, I myself have tested various platforms and consciously made a choice in favor of Android. And this is not the case when adoring smoothie with tapioca kid, to the purchase of the iPhone has pushed the herd instinct, can make a fool of me!

Well aware that from around the world in Japan only so many iPhones. In the US, UK and other English-speaking countries, the share of iOS is about 50%, but in other countries less than 30%.

Indeed, the iPhone is a well designed device. Apple’s platform very attractive. Influenced by such factors as the wealth of accessories and the best trade-in. However, for the Japanese market, where the iPhone accounts for 70%, it’s overkill.

In Russia, while the iPhone has room to grow

So, consider the Russian market of smartphones. According to Bloomberg, the share of iOS in Russia is 26%. In comparison with developed countries it is not so great.

However, it seems to me, in Russia the Apple products are much more popular than if you believe these numbers. A new iPhone comes out and people are Queuing in front of stores all night. A common thing!

I personally experienced the popularity of the iPhone in Russia. Recently, the new iPhones appear there at the same time with the developed countries. iPhone 11 was also released on September 20. But before sales started in Russia later.

One day, when I used a smartphone in the Moscow airport, one Russian saw it and came to me, showing great interest: “Oh, this new iPhone? Show. Well, how is he comfortable?” Actually it was not iPhone, and music player iPod touch (my mobile — on Android, but for Apple products I also enjoy), so I was not able to satisfy the interest of a stranger. But this event left a big impression on me: “wow, in Russia too there are sects “Apple””.

In September 2018 the Fund “Public opinion” conducted a survey on how Russians use computers and smartphones. There was a question about which operating system is preferred by respondents on smartphones. And the mix of iOS and Android is very different from the results of the “Bloomberg”.

In Russia, iPhones are also popular among young people; they share most of all in Moscow and other major cities. In addition, generally, the higher the income the greater the percentage of users of the iPhones, however, the Russian data contradict this trend: the popularity of the iPhone is higher at low levels of income, or even their absence.

Most likely, this means that iPhones are popular among the youth and students who have no own income.

In other words, in Russia, the iPhone is popular mainly in the big cities among young people as a fashion accessory. At the same income level in Russia is much lower than in developed countries, so many fans of iPhones, but to buy them can’t. They have to do with cheap Android devices, in connection with which the iPhone is at a low level.

In Russia, a lot of consumers who went from Android to iPhone, if would not have experienced financial difficulties. In developed countries there is a tendency to a partial withdrawal from the iPhone, however, Russia may have the potential to increase the share of iOS, depending on economic growth. But the reality is that the Russian economy is in stagnation.

The situation with the Russian smartphones and operating systems

In the Russian market there are other platforms besides Android and iOS. Most of the accounts on Windows Phone, however, and developed your own framework called “Aurora”.

Russia, seeking to modernize the economy and import substitution, he also wants to produce hardware and software. In this regard, the government promotes “Aurora”: conducts a census using the tablets on the “Aurora,” gives officials cheap smartphones “Different” with this operating system and so on.

If to speak about Russian market of smartphones, it usually means Android, but at some time in the spotlight was the YotaPhone, developed in Russia. This innovative device, on the reverse side which also has a simple screen. It went on sale in 2013.

But the price was too high, but the design failed, so the market has not adopted the “Yota phone”. Device the second generation came out with the improved design, however, it is also not gained popularity, and ultimately sold less than one hundred thousand yotamono second version.

Recently attention is attracted by Yandex. Phone from the largest Russian IT-companies. This is also an inexpensive Android smartphone with pre-installed services Yandex. The various services this company has penetrated deeply into the everyday life of Russians, so maybe this device has a future.

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