ASUS presented on the Russian market of smart watches VivoWatch BP, which not only show time but also will become a personal trainer. Inside they have the functionality of a fitness tracker, plus they can track blood pressure and other parameters of the body.

Of course, on the accuracy of no claims, it’s primarily marketing. Allegedly watch ASUS VivoWatch BP can take the blood pressure in just 20 seconds, and in the process of measurement does not need to sit down and raise your hand. There is a heart rate sensor, controllers, activity and sleep, and all these functions can work in non-stop mode, only the charge in the battery was.

Allegedly VivoWatch BP can work up to 28 days without charging, but it is, of course, when switched off, medical and sporting functions. In other words, 28 days will they show the time. All the data can be displayed on the screen of the clock itself or transferred via Bluetooth LE to your smartphone running iOS or Android into a proprietary app that can download in Apple App Store and Google Play. In Russia the cost of the VivoWatch BP amounted to exactly 13 000, and in sale they will arrive from day to day.

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