MOSCOW, 22 Nov — RIA Novosti. The resigned head of PR-service Facebook Elliot Shrag announced that the team of the social network involved specializing in public relations company Definers Public Affairs to counter the movement of billionaire George Soros, said in a statement Shraga in the company blog.

According to him, the cooperation of companies began in December 2017, when Facebook decided to “expand the number of its advisers”. Shrag notes that at the time the social network has faced pressure from competitors and the media, who demanded that the government regulate Facebook.

One of the tasks of specialists Definers was the opposition to campaign, Freedom from Facebook (“Freedom from Facebook”), which calls to fight the monopoly of the social network on the market.

“In January 2018 investor and philanthropist George Soros was attacked in his speech in Davos on Facebook, calling us a “threat to society”… Later, when there was a campaign of Freedom from Facebook, supposedly as a public coalition team (the social network) asked Definers to help us understand which groups are behind them,” — reads the statement of Shraga.

The PR firm, he said, found that several members of the coalition were funded by Soros, and then Definers passed this information to the press, to show “nestainer” criticizing the social network movement.

Earlier TechCrunch reported that CHRAJ took responsibility for hiring and the firm Definers Public Affairs and recognized that it promoted a negative message about the competitors of the social network. According to the media, we are talking about materials with the criticism of Google and Apple.

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