The attack had a dangerous group Silence.

The hacker group Silence had a powerful attack on Sberbank and other major Russian banks. Hackers have managed to launch an attack by sending malicious letters 80 thousand employees of banks. According to experts of Group-IB company, recorded cyber attack is the largest in 2019.

To carry out attacks on Russian banks hackers from the group Silence used a very unusual method. They collected a database of 80 thousands employees of various banks and sent them a special invitation to participate in the financial forum. In the attachment of infected emails was a malicious Silence.Downloader, which could provide hackers a lot of sensitive information from the computers of banks.

Experts of the Central Bank on time traced the attack and warned of it employees of the Russian banks. Due to this, at the request of Bank, managed to avoid real cases of infection with the dangerous virus of computers in the network banks.

The hacker group called Silence is one of the most understudied and dangerous at the present time, said the specialists Group-IB. First, they repeatedly tried to attack the Russian banks, but successful attempts are not recorded.

Source: Statements.


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