At the Apple Store Amsterdam was slovaca iPadПоследние a couple of days Apple is behaving a little too hot. First, the story of the unjustly burned by the Lightning port of the case AirPods, and then exploded right in the iPad store.

Immediately after an arbitrary deformation of the battery, three employees of the store moved the tablet into a container of sand. iPad not burned and not smoked.

Flinke chaos en paniek na ontruiming Apple Store Leidseplein #Amsterdam Noord-Holland Ongeval

— AS Media (@asmedianl) August 19, 2018.

However, in connection with the release into the shop of harmful substances, the Apple Store was temporarily closed.

Now at the scene working firefighters. Three employees of the store are in the hospital because of inhalation of toxic substances and received minor burns. A similar case happened in Switzerland and Spain. There randomly exploding iPhones.


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