CNBC reported new details regarding the upcoming launch SVOD platform WarnerMedia: telecommunications conglomerate AT&T will connect it with his service streaming TV (MVPD) DirecTV Now.

The services is a common user interface, subscribers will be offered WarnerMedia the functions of both products at a single affordable price, slightly more expensive subscriptions to cable or HBO streaming HBO Now — $15-18 per month. For this value the user will offer a huge catalogue of films and series produced by Warner Bros, HBO, Cinemax, as well as their own products. In addition to the movies news (e.g. CNN) and sports broadcasts.

Executive Director WarnerMedia John’s Stance announced that the platform will be open to embed content from other streaming platforms like Amazon are already working Channels, Roku Channel, new TV, Apple Flex and Xfinity from Comcast.

The exact date of launch will be announced before the end of this year, while we only know that it’s going to happen next. Subscribers will be available cheap fare is.

Stance told CNBC the number of paid subscribers, which plans to recruit WarnerMedia 70 million Is an ambitious and complex in terms of active competition task. A significant proportion of the market split between Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix, in addition, WarnerMedia is not the only major service, preparing for an early start. In November will begin broadcasting Disney+ (subscription price — $6.99/mo.), then start a new streaming platform from Apple and NBCUniversal, as well as Quibi experimental platform short author videos (from $5.99/month).

SOURCE: FierceVideo

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