Discovered last week an unprecedented attack on the iPhone was larger than originally anticipated. According to Forbes, behind the surgery, the criminals also attacked users of Android and Windows in certain regions of China. In particular, the affected users in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region, where the widely deployed government tracking program.

According to an anonymous source, of malware for Android and Windows devices spread from the same sites that were infected by the iPhone. From this it follows that the attack on iPhone owners is just part of a larger two-year operation, affecting far more users than previously thought.

What vulnerabilities were exploited to infect Android and Windows devices with malware, is unknown. Neither Microsoft nor Google has not yet commented on the message Forbes. Whether Google knows that it discovered malware campaign affects not only OS from Apple, but her own also unclear. According to one of the sources Forbes, Google found only an attack on iPhone owners.

Recall, last week Google announced one of the largest cyber attacks on iOS devices. Samanimelise victims to malicious sites where their loaded multifunctional iPhone spyware.

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