It is important not to lose vigilance!

It is no secret that scammers particularly hard aktiviziruyutsya in anticipation of the New year, when there are more chances to catch their victims by surprise because of the pre-Christmas bustle. Customer feedback “savings” in social networks and on relevant forums, in 2018, the scammers often use two specific ways of cheating. Told about them and how to ensure the safety of their money.

The divorce evil

The key weapon of the Scam is a relatively new method. The essence of the method consists in the substitution of numbers and will then call the customers “savings Bank” ostensibly on behalf of the support. Number substitution is performed using a quite public and legal VoIP services. The main advantage of scams when using this method — complete anonymity, and the ability to call with dummy numbers that can be related to the “Sberbank”.

However, not only to the courtesy number rely the crooks. It is also important to know what they are trying to accurately and efficiently simulate real-world support. For example, when calling from fraud one employee may transfer the victim to a more qualified “employee.” Thus, the attacker creates the appearance of real support and confuse its prey.

In addition, it is important to know under what pretext calling scams. Currently, the most commonly used preposition that is associated with the increase of VAT from 18% to 20% from 1 January 2019. The scammers claim that the “savings” there is a possibility to reduce the fee for various services and to make it so that after the increase in VAT customers pay the old rate. Quite often the same “discount” is offered to cellular all leading operators: MTS, Beeline, MegaFon and Tele2.

A call from the answering machine

The second most popular way of cheating also involves a call from the scammers. But once a potential victim accepts the call, her answering machine, not a real person. Auto responder notifies the client of Sberbank that his Bank account has been debited money or the account was automatically locked.

Using this method, the scammers force the victim to instantly lose vigilance. The customer may think that once the call is from an automated system, so calling is really from “savings”. As a result, lost the vigilance of the victim reveals the frauds all the required data.

Not to fall for all these tricks fraudsters it is important to be careful, especially now, in the pre-period. In order to protect your money enough not to phone any personal information, even seemingly the most insignificant.


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