MOSCOW, 28 Nov — PRIME. Forbes has made a new ranking of the 50 largest foreign non-financial companies in Russia, the first place which again took Groupe Auchan (“Auchan”, “Attack”) with revenues of 356,1 billion rubles, the newspaper reports.

Forbes reports that the list includes the company, more than 50% owned by foreign owners. Companies are ranked by total revenues in 2017. In the final figure included the data of all Russian assets by foreign companies. If this the list does not include banks, insurance, leasing, investment and other financial companies because of their significant differences from the commercial and industrial in business and accounting. In addition, the rankings do not reflect the company engaged in asset management.

Tobacco company “DZH. T. I. Russia” (Japan Tobacco International), ranked second — to 289.2 billion rubles of revenue. Closes the three leaders PMSM tobacco (Philip Morris International) with revenues of 276,2 billion. It is followed by automobile company “Toyota Motor” (Toyota Motor, 272 billion rubles). Fifth place ranking is “Volkswagen group Rus” (Volkswagen Group), the proceeds of which reached 237,6 billion.

It is also noted that total revenue of the 50 largest foreign companies in Russia has increased this year by 3.3% to 5.7 trillion rubles. Thus engineering companies in the ranking, the majority (13 companies), enterprises of food industry the second — eight of them, trade — third in their list of six.

Ten companies of the rating, increased revenue by 20% or more, among them seven engineering, two high-tech (Chinese Huawei has increased its revenue by 70%, Apple 23%) and one retail (Leroy Merlin — 20%). The worst performance by revenue in Russia, the German auto giant Volkswagen Group (minus 18%), brewing Corporation of Denmark’s Carlsberg Group (minus 18%) and American Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling (minus 15%). Smaller revenues than in 2016, showed 15 companies out of 50.

The most “dependent” on the Russian market the company — Finnish Nokian Tyres, her share of the proceeds in the total amount of sales is 46%. Second place on this indicator takes the tobacco giant Japan Tobacco International (26%), the third — Finnish energy company Fortum (21%).

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