The patent and trademark office issued a new patent to Apple. In the document there is a speech about augmented reality system that can identify in the zone of visibility is important to the user region.

The development uses the camera of the mobile device and automatically identifies the terrain point of interest. Each will be accompanied by a special indicator with the name and distance to it. When interacting with the window users will see navigation or additional information about the object.

The system can work both in open spaces and in small spaces. On one of the images the tablet is similar to iPad, will be used to illustrate key points of the interior of the car, identifying and highlighting the important items. In the text of the patent also describes identification of items in the house. Thus the owner of the device, for example, will be able to find a smartphone instead of using the function “Find my iPhone”.

In addition, the patent depicts a wearable gadget like smart glasses or VR headset: the camera in the device will allow you to apply to the “transparent display” useful information, with which user can interact using gestures.

Earlier said that Google began testing AR mode (augmented reality — augmented reality) in Google Maps. It uses GPS data and Google Lens to determine the user’s location and capture environment.

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