Apple introduced its augmented reality platform called ARKit just last year. While the interest is not too large, cupertinos constantly refining its platform, adding new features and capabilities. According to analysts, a leading us Bank Merril Lynch, Apple can earn ARKit not less than 6-8 billion dollars.

Experts say that 6-8 billion is the minimum revenue you can count on Apple. However, only 1 billion will have to profit from AR applications. The remaining amount of the cupertinos have to bring the sale of mobile devices.

Bank Merril Lynch analysts believe that in the near future, augmented reality technology will become one of the key features of the iPhone that will have a positive impact on sales.

According to the optimistic forecasts of the augmented reality can bring to Apple of around $ 11 billion. At the same time on a similar profit cupertinos can go out in the next couple of years.


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