Our commentator Nikolai Grinko told about the latest rumors in the industry and the prospects for technology in General: it is better than the smartphones.

High-tech companies that produce consumer electronics, keep their secrets as well as do the defense plants. The reason for this mystery is simple: the manufacturers of smartphones, laptops, etc don’t want us refused to buy the current model knowing that the next will be five times faster, a hundred times smarter and will learn to bake pancakes for Breakfast. Apple keeps its secrets so zealously that its plans and future developments we learn only by accidental leaks. Then in the code will be found mention of new devices or their characteristics, then someone from the staff accidentally left the prototype on the bar, the Network will show a pair of muddy photos from the production line.

Rumors that Apple is preparing to release augmented reality glasses, there was quite a long time, but then no one took them seriously. All can remember about this product worked even a giant like Google, but this Corporation didn’t work out. Google Glass came out quite raw, the image was given inferior, battery life is not impressive, and it looked like it came straight out of the fantastic fighters of the 1980s. of Course, Apple is a couple of years ago I patented the “technology of tracking the eye” but little did the world of patents, not every one of them is embodied in a real device. In the end cupertinos could issue a patent “just in case” to stake out the technology for any future developments.

However, there is in the high-tech industry employees, whose opinion is the community listens with special attention. This Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo), an analyst who has long worked in Taiwanese company KGI Securities. For several years he published a set of predictions about the upcoming models of Apple technology, and these predictions were surprisingly accurate. The leak, published Kuo, are of great interest, and it’s really possible to judge the direction of the development of “Apple” gadgets.

Recently Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple will start production of augmented reality glasses by the end of this year. The presentation device is planned for the second quarter of 2020. Even if leakage from Kuo was the only thing this information would be worth to believe, but recently there appeared information: mention augmented reality headset from Apple found in code Xcode, iOS 11 and 13. It is expected that points will be interfaced with iPhone and broadcast it with a piece of information. Apparently, Apple’s glasses do appear.

In General, the company Tim cook decided to blame the fact that she had not invent their own technologies, but only takes what has long existed. However, it cannot be denied that all these finds are Apple “brings to mind”. The freshest example — the AirPods headphones. Who has not released such a device, but only with the advent of AirPods this form factor has become almost standard. If to project this experience to the likely emergence of virtual points, we can assume that here the Apple can change the way content consumption and interaction with the virtual world.

What good is the idea of augmented reality glasses? They will be able to take your eyes of the user from the screen of a smartphone. In the old Testament ophthalmic rules of work with computer monitor should be located at a distance of 60 centimeters from the user. None of us holds the smartphone so far, the average distance today is 30 inches. Not only that, it harms the vision, because we still tilts his head down, suffer the posture, tired muscles, compressed vessels… was even information about that abnormally grow some bone in the skull (though later it turned out that it is not). Gadgets turned us into a contorted zombie, kept her eyes from glowing boxes in his hands.

Among other things, a glance, always pointing down, may be dangerous to life! Talking about pedestrians crossing the street, “without separation” from the screen, and the drivers distracted from the road to read the message. Glasses the person can see the image directly in front of him wherever he looked, and the eyes comfortable distance, he does not stop to see their surroundings. Read a book, browse social networks, play games, watch movies, you will be in a comfortable position without causing private harm to the body, and not losing the connection with the real world.

However, to augmented reality glasses do could radically change our way of interacting with a smartphone and a computer, they must be light, with decent battery life and must provide picture quality comparable to what we see on the monitors. Surely Apple will not work to put it all in the first generation device. Will not work in the second. But, you may be able to five?


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