The initiative positively.

The Ministry of communications has proposed to begin be sure to pre-install the Russian anti-virus software on all imported in Russia, the computers 1 August 2020. The Ministry said that the introduction of norms “should be justified by the goal of national security” so that it does not contradict WTO rules.

President GK “InfoWatch” Natalya kasperskaya supported the initiative. According to her, anti-virus may collect information from computers and analyze it to remote servers. This is a security risk.

“If we all put the Symantec antivirus (an American company), then Symantec will see we have everything”, — said Kaspersky.

Experts on cyber security believe that the mandatory installation of Russian anti-virus software on computers will not help to solve national security issues. Moreover, reduced competition in the market would lead to deterioration in the quality of the antivirus. Cyber safety specialist Kirill Kertsenbaum said that the choice of specific antivirus which will be installed on all imported computers, contrary to the ideas of the free market.

Official representatives of the company “Kaspersky Lab” declined to comment on the situation.

Source: Kommersant.


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