The introduction of Android Auto and CarPlay forced automakers to finally think about how people use the device with a touch screen. Over time, information systems were supplemented by improved interfaces, functions, and voice assistants, capable of making daily movement more comfortable.

Last update has affected Android Auto and Google Maps. Now while driving, given the way the driver constantly looks at the information about the route, located at the bottom of the screen is easy to read and incredibly useful when driving. A light touch returns to the card, where there is a more readable font.

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Google Assistant also manages the startup of applications. Strange layout of the home screen style notification disappears. Instead, the display recalls Auto Android tablet with all the applications you need in one place. If the screen is full of apps, you can use the voice-activated personal assistant that simplifies access to services.

Given that during the movement all the time, traced the route and switching on the multimedia system does not exclude permanent navigation, safety of driving is improved.

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