Earlier this year it was reported that Apple fired about 200 employees from a unit that was developing the Apple of the vehicle. Recently, the network appeared more information about past layoffs.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, a large part of the dismissed employees were engineers. Under the reduction were 38 managers in engineering programmes, 33 engineer equipment, 31 engineer on product development and 22 software engineer. Just cupertinos fired 190 people connected with the project. They all worked in Santa Clara and Sunnyvale.

It is expected that the layoffs did not affect other offices Apple. Otherwise, the company would have left much more employees. At the moment in the network there is no specific information regarding the reasons for the dismissal. While there are only two unsubstantiated versions. On one of them, layoffs associated with the change of course and the desire of Apple to focus on creating an Autonomous vehicle control. The other version suggests that Apple wants to temporarily reduce the amount of work on your automotive project and reduce total costs due to low demand for new iPhone models.


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