Now the “Huawei” (Huawei) caught in a storm: the United States to counter against the 5G has led to the fact that further deliveries were banned, and the path of retreat was blocked by “Google” (Google). All eyes flocked to the “Huawei”, and she suddenly laid his trump card.

That is when “Huawei” took the leading position in terms of sales in China and achieved impressive results on the international market, Google has decided to stop supplying their products to a Chinese company.

Everyone thought that “Google” has found “Huawei” by surprise, however, the company resorted to “Plan B,” operating system “Gunman” (Hongmeng), capable to replace completely “Android” (Android).

Probably it may seem that such a sharp rejection of the “Android” — not the best solution for “Huawei”, but once experienced, the Chinese company made this decision, it’s already prepared for such changes. Of course, initially, the new operating system will work imperfectly, because Android and IOS have reached the current level only through years of learning each other’s experience, and Google just forced the “Huawei” to take this step ahead of time.

“Huawei” has already developed the operating system “Gunman”, its use is now caused by numerous obstacles that arise in the course of a trade war. In fact, it was done out of despair, but the “Huawei” understands that in this situation she most needed to avoid patents and delays in the further development.

The most important thing for the operating system having a full chain, otherwise it awaits the fate of Windows Phone.

Policy of management of the company “Huawei” has always included a willingness to research, development and implementation of technologies. I am sure that, faced with difficulties, “Huawei” will break the fetters and to complete the plan.

On all the major forums have appeared discussing the future of “Gunmen”, but photographs published are very few, rendering it difficult to understand how this operating system. And yet, judging by the screenshots, you can say that much of it inherited from “Linux” (Linux). To understand what really is “Gunmen” we need to wait for the third quarter of this year, that is September, when it will be available to all.

The recent actions by Google can be seen as a joke, designed to test the ability of the “Huawei” adapt to the situation. Apparently, Google has underestimated the capabilities of the Chinese company in the field of research and development, as well as its inflexibility. Now even the only competitor to the “Huawei” company “EPL” (Apple), maintains active cooperation. For outward calm hides a real panic, so that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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