The largest Russian banks begin moves to push notifications as alternative to SMS, the prices of which are growing all the time, RBC reports. The scope of the new notification method is already 15-20% in the newsletter. A new way to develop with no more than two years, it is used to notify the customer about the account balance or report a password for online purchases. The largest percentage of notifications send alpha Bank — about 30% of all messages. The ratio of SMS and push messages Raiffeisen is 1 to 3. “Open” the share of new messages up to 25% per month. Sberbank — 20%. From ICD — 15%, VTB such notifications to customers, which has put mobile app. Under Russian law, banks are obliged to notify the customer of the arrears and balances of the credit limit when performing operations on the map. SMS is a traditional method of informing and push alternative, which is primarily available to those who put a mobile banking app. To connect this service the Bank needs to have an arrangement in the Apple and Google — the owners of the largest app stores, and the agreement with the intermediary (an it company or mobile operator). If after selecting the alternative option notice, the client will not be able to accept it for technical reasons, it will backup SMS. Banks pay for every sent SMS. Over the past three years, the fee increased from 0.03 to 0.7-1 ruble. Banks have spent on SMS-sending about 20 billion rubles in 2018. For customers an alternative way of informing is the same as SMS. A complete rejection of the SMS impossible, experts say, because not all Russians are the owners of the smartphone or put a Bank app on the phone. Someone refuses to use the mobile Internet, and this is all three of the main conditions for receiving push notifications.

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