Turkey is preparing to announce a boycott of American electronics and iPhone in particular. On Tuesday, August 14, reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the statement of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which he did in his speech in Ankara.

“We can do two things: economic and political position. With the economic position we take action, our Ministry of Finance and the Treasury are working day and night. In addition, we will boycott electronic products from the United States. They have an iPhone, but on the other hand, there is a Samsung” — results “RIA Novosti” the words of Erdogan.

The rejection of American technology will allow Turkey to develop its own production by promoting people’s products to the masses, says Erdogan. As one of the most likely alternatives iPhone the President called local brand Venus Vestel, goods which, according to him, not inferior in quality to the solutions brand from the United States.

The ban of the iPhone in Russia

Given the complexity of relations between Moscow and Washington, there is every reason to believe that a similar boycott of “Apple” technique can declare and Russian authorities. In this case, consumers will face a difficult choice: to look for a replacement among the solutions of “permitted” manufacturers or to bring iPhone into the country illegally. On the other hand, the latter option may be simply unfeasible. For example, in the case that a boycott will be announced the local operators, starting to inhibit aktivacii phones, or if it will introduce a legislative ban of Apple services, which will violate the earlier iPhones.

What will you do?

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