When charging any gadget all the more annoying to have to connect each time a cable that always gets lost, and sometimes you need to connect the charger in the dark, and you have to look for the right interface just to touch. New battery charger Baseus Smart 2in1 WX2IN1-02 in the two accounts solves this problem, because it works without wires. Besides, it has a very useful bonus — it can charge two devices at the same time.

Charging Baseus Smart 2in1 WX2IN1-02 is designed as a small stand of oval form, which is quite enough for charging two smartphones, a couple of hours or two cases from wireless headphones. The product is made in accordance with the common Qi wireless charging standard, which makes it compatible with Apple gadgets, Xiaomi, Samsung, LG and other manufacturers whose devices can be recharged using inductance.

Baseus Smart 2in1 WX2IN1-02 is made of special wear-resistant ABS plastic, which is impervious to careless treatment, and it significantly extends the life of the charger. Charging itself takes very little space and is very minimalistic stylish design, which makes it suitable for any interior. Besides, it can be placed on any horizontal surface, even on very slippery glass surface due to silicone coating bottom of the housing charge will not slip and move around the table at the slightest touch.

Smart internal electronics determines a desired charging power depending on the need in energy of the gadget. Here implemented three variants of capacity — 5, 10 and intermediate 7.5 watt. To connect Baseus Smart 2in1 WX2IN1-02 to the outlet through the AC adapter with output current of up to 1.67 amps. The package includes a power cable with a length of 1 meter.

Baseus is a Chinese manufacturer of all kinds of useful accessories. The company’s head office is located in Shenzhen. When developing their products Baseus puts in the forefront not only quality and functionality but also the design, and thanks to this responsible approach, it often becomes the laureate of prestigious awards. For example, in 2015, the company won a global award in the field of industrial design “Oscar Germany iF Design Awards”. We will add that Christmas is a very experienced player in the market of accessories — his first design she released back in 2009, and the trademark was registered in 2017.

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