All Apple iPhone is known to work very little because of the small capacity of the battery. iPhone 7 is not a concern — the smartphone was one of the most enduring in the line of Apple from the perspective of Autonomous work.

As shown, the iPhone 7 is longer than major competitors by an average of 5-7 hours, and is due not to the energy-intensive iron and good optimization of the firmware. Of course, this applies to new or relatively new machines — over time battery capacity is in any case reduced, and gradually, the smartphone begins to drain noticeably faster. There are three options — either accept it, or change the battery, or buy a new iPhone. Well, since the prices of new models are unreasonably high, it is much better to stay on the iPhone 7 and just replace the battery. How much it costs to change the battery on the iPhone 7? Due to the fact that the model out in 2016, there are a huge range of battery manufacturers producing batteries specifically for this model. This already reduces the cost of the service, as there is no sense to overpay for a battery-Apple logo — quality third-party vendors is not worse. Well, as a model for three years, to disassemble and reassemble it learned in all the services, which also reduces the cost of the procedure — the competition between the big repairmen.

In the end, you only need the desire to change the battery in your iPhone 7, as well as a small comparative analysis of the workshops for the reviews online and the place of their dislocation — there is no point to go across town when you can find the service within two or three stops. For example, in the service center of “Likes” the cost of a replacement battery in seventh IPhone only costs 3000 rubles, and the price includes new battery and work on its integration into the smartphone. By the way, everything will be done as quickly as possible, and you won’t have to wait a few days, as it usually happens when applying to proprietary Apple services. This is exactly the case when it makes sense to save time without sacrificing quality.

It is important to note that all the above applies to all iPhone models up to iPhone 8. To change them, batteries can and should be, because it is quite inexpensive. But about iPhone X and more recent devices of this is not to say — in which Apple uses a lot of glass that is so fragile that can crack during disassembly. Because of this, the repair cost increases, and a simple battery replacement can be costly.

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