Just a week ago in sale new models of smartphones from Apple. However, this is not the only mobile flagship, appeared on the shelves this year. “Vecherka” will help to Orient in the variety of smartphones.

Against the background of stagnating technology from Apple said the expert on telecommunications Yaroslav Saltanov:

— Actively began to develop Chinese brands. The same OnePlus or Xiaomi is able to offer competitive models that are not ashamed to get out in public and to talk about the knowledge of “Chinese”. But Samsung is mired in a senseless struggle for the technical advantage.

Sony Xperia 1
Price: 80 thousand rubles.

For those who want extra. The phone uses almost stock Android, without suffering from freezes or glitches. Surprise model screen format 21:9, built-in software for professional shooting and editing video, as well as a good wireless sound.

OnePlus 7 Pro
Price: 45 thousand rubles.

This “Chinese” has long been successfully oppresses their fellow Chinese due to its quality, I’m sure the expert on telecommunications Yaroslav Saltanov. The new model offers completely covering the front panel screen.

The front camera is hidden in the retractable unit on top of the smartphone.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro
Price: about 50 thousand rubles.

The exhibit offers four-chamber module, and a rounded 90 degrees to the screen. This means that he took the side of the phone, “drove” out all physical buttons.

Phone lost Google services and almost all Android applications. But the battery is awesome and the night shoots well, — concluded the expert Saltanov.

Samsung Galaxy

Price: 77-90 thousand rubles.

Main rival Apple continues to build muscles.

— This smartphone has a lot of RAM and internal memory, big battery and wide frameless screen. Cameras as a competitor, three, but the bet is made not on a photo, a video, explained Saltanov. — Optical stabilization, selection of sound sources and smart focus. And, of course, the stylus that can work as a remote control.

iPhone 11 (Pro)

Price: 60-122 thousand RUB.

In General, the new model of the California company are not much different from the models in 2018.

The most noticeable changes have affected the cameras, which in the older model now three. This allows to obtain high-quality images in almost complete darkness and shoot ultra wide angle photos, — said the expert. — Even the new iPhone last longer on a couple of hours — impact energy optimization and a new processor.

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