App 4Sale allows you to filter people based on race and price, depending on the category of “goods”. It is possible to find the description people put up for sale, with the words: “the African worker, clean and smiling” or “Nepalese who are able to dare to ask for a day off”.

For sale people are used as servants, the price per person could be around $3.3 thousand ; they can buy and resell more expensive, according to BBC correspondents. Despite the fact that in Kuwait on the work of servants you can only get 21 years, to sell 4Sale 16 year old girls.

In most of the countries of the Persian Gulf people for this job are imported from other countries, are engaged in a special Agency. Then people are registered in the government. The potential employer pays the Agency and becomes the official sponsor of the workers. Since then man cannot change jobs, retire or leave the country without the permission of the sponsor.

App Instagram, Haraj and 4Sale allow you to bypass work with agencies and conduct the sale directly between the slave-owners. They are all on the AppStore and Google Play. The BBC notes that Instagram (owned by Facebook) has hundreds of pages of listings of people.

After complaints from correspondents 4Sale deleted partition, looking for help. The representative Fecebook said that the moderators banned the Arabic hashtag “خادمات للتنازل” — “the transportation of maids”. The company promised to connect the police and experts to continue to fight the selling of people on its platform.

From the developers Haraj journalists got no response. Google and Apple have said they will do their own investigation and will remove the app if the developers continue to ignore the claims of the companies.

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