Be sure to change the face of your Apple Watch in this subbotov the beginning of the month, residents of Australia are faced with the fact that their Apple Watch Series 4 started to reboot for no reason. It happened all simultaneously in one day on 7 October.

And all because the country was switching to winter time. As a result, the dial Infograph Modular caused the rolling restart of the device.

All this time we were waiting for Apple’s patch with the patch and the hotfix for this problem. Alas, an update that corrects this problem, never came.

In this regard, this weekend users who live in Europe and CIS countries in transition to summer/winter time should be closer. In order to avoid bug with incorrect calculation of the number of hours in a day for the Apple Watch, it is better to change the dial Infograph Modular to any other, at least at the time of transfer.

Russia this issue is merciful — you do not translate. But if you are abroad, do not forget that in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Apple Watch Series 4 may behave inappropriately.

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