As yet unnamed streaming service from WarnerMedia will cost 16-17 dollars a month. According to sources, users of this service will have access not only to movies and TV shows Warner Bros. TV, but also to the production of cable channels such as HBO (“Game of thrones”, “Westworld”), and Cinemax (“Banshee”, “the Knick”). Will also remove the original content.

This price is higher than competitors. HBO Now costs 14.99 dollars a month, the rate of Netflix video in HD format for the two screens — 12.99 dollars, Cinemax — 12.99, Showtime and Hulu 10.99 — 5.99 dollars and is 11.99 without her. Disney Plus service, which will launch on 12 November, will cost 6.99 dollars per month.

Recall that your platform is planning to launch Apple and NBCUniversal.

WarnerMedia is considering making a cheaper version with ads. According to the Magid Research study, people are willing to pay an average of $ 38 per month for multiple subscriptions.

According to Hub Entertainment Research, about 25% of American television viewers believe there is already enough streaming services. This figure has increased by 10% compared to last year, when I conducted the same survey. 36% of respondents reported that in order to add a new service they will have to abandon one already selected.

Platform WarnerMedia have to earn in a test mode later this year.

Wall Street Journal

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