It was announced today, how much will a subscription to an online movie theater from Apple — Apple TV+. Also became known date of the launch of a new service. And honestly, the pricing of Apple again raises questions.

According to the publication Bloomberg, the service should start this fall in November. Considering that on 12 November appointed launch a competing streaming service Disney+, we can expect that Apple will launch its own online cinema also around mid-month, maybe a few days earlier than Disney.

Also, according to sources inside Apple, the company has allocated about $ 6 billion from its budget to Finance the production of original shows and movies to Apple TV+. At the moment, the iPhone maker is extremely concerned about the success of their new service. To do this, the company invests huge sums in new projects.

Sources Bloomberg managed to get information about the cost of a monthly subscription to Apple TV+. According to them, the price for the use of the online cinema from Apple will be $ 10 per month. And it’s a bit strange, considering that the competitors price is still a little bit below. So, subscription to Disney+ is $ 7, and basic subscription to Netflix costs $ 9 per month.

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