The MacRumors managed to get their hands on a special build of iOS 13, which is designed for Apple employees. Her journalists have become known, many details concerning the accessory called the Apple Tag.

It is expected that the Apple Tag will be designed as a compact round label with Apple logo. However, it is possible that the final design of the accessory will be slightly different from the layout found in the files iOS 13. While the functionality of Apple Tag is unlikely to change dramatically. According to reports, with the help of this label, users will be able to “mark” and then look for different items.

Look for the Apple Tag in the application. Specifically for this utility there is a tab called Items. If you lose things, users will need to translate the label in Lost mode Mode. If the other iPhone owner will find Apple missing Tag, he will be able to see the contact details of the owner of the mark and to contact him by phone or iMessage. However, if the user is sure that the tracker is located somewhere nearby, the locator, you can activate a special mode to Tag the Apple began to beep.

The authors of the publication MacRumors has confirmed that Apple Tag will be able to work in augmented reality. In the application “Locator” users will be able to view a three-dimensional map of the area or the apartment, and lost the label will be marked with the red ball. Also, in iOS 13 were discovered, and the balloon is orange. However, what exactly he wanted yet unknown.

Also, MacRumors has shared another feature of the Apple Tag. According to the journalists, Apple tracker will operate on CR2032 batteries. However, it will be enough is unclear.

It is expected that the official announcement of the Apple Tag will take place on 10 September in the framework of a special Apple presentation. In addition to label the event will also be shown the iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 5.


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