Insiders at Apple have published information about the timing of release is not yet presented smartphone iPhone 11, or whatever it will be called. The wait turned out to be little more than a month, but we are talking about the first wave of sales, which Russia may not be.

According to reports, the iPhone 11, and together with him and his big brother iPhone 11 Max will go on sale September 20, so that the announcement probably take place even earlier — in the middle of the first month of autumn. Of course, nothing new in them will not, in addition to the terrible triple camera on the rear panel, and all other exterior changes will not undergo.

Note that about the iPhone XR2 insiders did not report, so it is unclear it will be released together with the basic gadgets or briefly delayed. According to preliminary information, the price of new smartphones will grow, despite the poor sales of the line IPhones 2018 because of the high prices. So, iPhone 11 can cost from US $ 1300, and for iPhone 11 Max asked and did $ 1400 and it is in the US — in Russia it will cost her more. The cost of the iPhone descendant of the XR will start at 990 dollars.

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