Specialists of one of Moscow services of repair of digital devices, announced, laptops, and which models the townspeople often have to fix. Information was published on August 21.

Experts have identified three brands: ASUS, Lenovo, and HP. Experts say that laptops, the manufacturers cannot be called the most broken. The fact that it is the technique of brands residents of the capital and not only buy more often.

In addition, often the repair rent laptops from Acer, Dell and Apple.

— Often fail hard disks. Followed by the failure of the motherboard and its components, which the laptop does not turn on or displays a system error. Also often rent equipment in for repair due to broken screen and keyboard Troubleshooting — reports “Russian newspaper” the words of the experts of the service.

Experts note that to carry the laptop directly into the repair, sometimes not worth it. Sometimes it’s better to call one and services and try to solve the problem remotely.

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