At the presentation on September 12, Apple announced that iPhone Max XS and XR can work for half an hour longer than the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Such a serious increase in autonomy could not be provided only to the energy efficiency of the processor A12 Bionic. This was confirmed by the Ministry of industry and Informatization, revealing information about the battery capacity of all three innovations.

As expected, the most capacious iPhone is equipped with a battery XS Max. To provide a 6.5-inch smartphone a decent level of autonomy, the manufacturer had to equip it with a battery of 3174 mAh. It is the most capacious battery of those ever installed in the iPhone — he even more than the iPhone 6 Plus, the capacity of which amounted to 2915 mAh.

What iPhone is better iPhone XR XS Max

IPhone XR battery has a capacity of 2942 mAh. Despite this, the level of autonomy it surpasses even the iPhone XS Max, which is very unusual, considering the less power-efficient LCD display. Possible impact lower resolution display and smaller than the flagship phablet, the rate of peak brightness. To explain the superiority of the iPhone over Max XR XS would not otherwise get.

What kind of battery the iPhone XS

As for the battery of an iPhone XS, its capacity is 2658 mAh, which is less than iPhone X, which is equipped with a battery 2716 mAh. However, everything is more or less logical. The old battery in the apparent reduction of the battery capacity of the smartphone has provided energy-efficient chipset A12 Bionic by Apple, made for 7-nm process technology.


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