Google has just announced the unlock function of the face for an upcoming Pixel 4, which is said not to be inferior to the system on the iPhone. In technical terms, this system includes a number of parameters. It is not only a normal appearance but also the data in the infrared range and color characteristics.

All this information allows you to accurately identify people, and even in the dark. All data is, as stated, will be processed on the device itself without transmission to the network. To analyze them is the neural network.

And if the technical aspects are more or less clear, the question remains about how Google has trained a neural network to recognize faces. Specialized media report that the company publicly collected data on the streets.

Google employees walked the streets of American cities, offering gift certificates for $ 5 to passers-by in exchange for the person scanning. Moreover, the company has confirmed it, saying that thus seeks to improve their algorithms and thereby improve the accuracy of face recognition Pixel 4.

By the way, Apple, for what it’s worth, made up of the same without scanning the mass of faces on the streets. Instead, the company worked with a database containing more than a billion photos.

Very interesting that Google has retained, and email addresses of the members of scan, although promised to remove them on request. It is noted that the data on appearance and other information will be stored for 18 months. The company argued that the parameters of the exterior in no way connected with Google account and the data is encrypted. Access to them is restricted.

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