American online retailer Amazon took first place in the ranking of the hundred most valuable brands in the world — The BrandZ Global Top 100 in 2019, according to the British company WPP, Kantar and Millward Brown.

Brand Amazon showed significant growth over the year its value increased by 52% to 315,505 billion dollars. The retailer has improved its ecosystem, which gave the opportunity to improve the quality of service and increase the number of services that have increased the competitiveness of the company.

Apple retained the second place in the rating, increasing the cost by almost 3% (309,527 billion), while Google for the first time in three years, fell to third place. Next in the ranking followed by Microsoft and Visa, which rose during the year from the 7th to 5th place.

Chinese brand Alibaba has overtaken telecommunications giant Tencent and became the most expensive Chinese brand. The cost of Tencent fell by 27% to 130 billion dollars, which enabled Alibaba to occupy the 7th position in the ranking (brand value of Alibaba rose 16%).

The most appreciated during the year, the brand has become Instagram — its cost has almost doubled compared to last year and amounted to 28.2 billion dollars. According to WPP, Kantar and Millward Brown, the social network has over 1 billion users.

The rankings are based on survey data of more than 3.7 million consumers about their attitude to approximately 160 thousand brands.

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