In Russia, people are increasingly began to buy audio equipment of high enough quality — they are no longer satisfied with “just sound”, in connection with what buyers are looking for devices from different famous brands. Analysts “Yandex. The market” has studied the different equipment and find out what models were popular this year among Russians.

Oddly enough, the most popular brand in the category headphones and headsets was the American Apple with her hit in the face Apple AirPods. Given that the company yesterday introduced a new generation of the device — AirPods Pro — it is likely that the position cupertinos the company will further be strengthened in the framework of the rating “Yandex. Market”. In second place is Xiaomi with these models of headphones like Xiaomi Redmi and Xiaomi AirDots AirDots Pro. In third place sits the JBL — this manufacturer is the undisputed leader in the segment of portable speakers. All five ranking based on the segment, went the products of the company owned by Harman Kardon. Fourth and fifth place went to Sony and Sennheiser, respectively.

By the way, in the framework of research we used the data “Yandex. Market”, concerning the transitions of service users in the online shops, presented on the site from 1 January to 24 Oct 2019.

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