Company OLX has published 10 of the most popular requests from users of Android and iOS platforms. From the statistics it can be concluded that owners of mobile devices are interested in different things.

So, users of Android primarily interested in the sofas, and then bicycles. In third place are the interests of the apartment, then dresses and jackets. In the sixth position on the popularity of searching for homes, but for those sneakers. Last but not least, if you come out of the top 10 queries, go to work and laptops.

Top 10 queries with the iOS platform look more systematically, though predictable. Basically, if you believe the data is changing mobile devices.

Thus, the most popular request was the iPhone 7. He lost to iPhone X and iPhone 6. In the search for cell phones Apple interfered with Nike, but then again the iPhone is only the eighth model.

The queries about the brand of clothing brands in sixth place came the Zara brand, and sudbinom place is Adidas.

Delee in popularity again got the device from Apple. On the eighth spot is occupied by iPhone and iPhone 6s at the ninth.

But the tenth line in popularity to the iOS users similar to the first line of Android. So, all interested in the sofas, though not specified which.

It is worth noting that the sofa is the only point of contact between the users of the platforms.

Photo: FederalPress / Eugene Potorochin

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