According to the latest data, the users loved the brand credit card Apple. Bloomberg reports that as of the end of September, the Bank Goldman Sachs, which is a partner of Apple company in this business, provided the owners of the Apple Card credit line totaling 10 billion dollars.

Representatives of Goldman Sachs did not disclose how many users have activated Apple Card. However, experts believe that Apple credit card is now very popular. And applications for new cards are issued continuously, and users who have already upgraded to Apple Card, often make it their main credit card.

According to experts, the Apple Card was a very successful project. And both Apple and Goldman Sachs. The latter managed not only to enter the new market, but to start there to work successfully. Until recently, Goldman Sachs has worked primarily with investors and corporations.

Also the other day Tim cook announced a new proposal that in the future will be available to owners of Apple Card. Soon users will be able to buy a new iPhone through interest-free installments up to 24 months while earning cashback at the rate of 3%.


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