Network the sixth generation is already in the plan.

At the moment, the world has not yet begun mass scan of 5G networks, but the leading experts of Russia, USA, China and EU countries are actively working to develop networks of the sixth generation. According to the official statement of the head on the development of 5G networks of China su Xun, network the sixth generation will start to be introduced in the largest economies of the world in 2030.

Blue emphasized that the introduction of networking 6G — it’s not just plans on paper. The leading countries are working to create new communication standard, intending to launch it into mass operation in 10 years after the global launch of 5G. According to him, the change of communication standards occurs every 10 years, so the appearance of the first commercial networks 6G by 2030 is inevitable.

While the official specifications of the communication standard 6G unknown. There is information about the fact that the speed of data exchange networks, the sixth generation will grow to 1 TB/s. This capacity will allow you to download multiple tens of gigabytes per second.

As for 5G networks, the first public network of the fifth generation will appear in Russia in 2020. Leading Russian operators are actively preparing for the launch of 5G. It is known that the original network of the fifth generation to work in the largest cities of Russia.


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