At Apple suppliers have problems.

On September 12 at the presentation in the “Theater of Steve jobs” Apple introduced the iPhone Xs, Max Xs iPhone and iPhone Xr. The first two models will start selling in September, and the cheapest — only in October. It became known today, what is the reason for the delay.

iPhone Xr will not reach the shops until next month because of problems with the display. This is the first LCD-screen smartphones with Apple “monopoly” and without frames, so the suppliers have encountered difficulties in the process of its production. According to 9to5Mac, in the region of the cutout in the upper part there is a leak light. In addition, Apple engineers trying to solve a number of problems with the image quality through software changes.

iPhone X, iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max is equipped with OLED panels. Components work without backlighting, so it is easier to give the desired shape and size. Cut “the unibrow” in the LCD panel difficult. Because of this, Japan Display and LG took more time to release screens of adequate quality.

The delay of the iPhone release Xr can be useful for Apple. Not all users will want to wait until October and will opt instead for a comparatively cheap model of the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs or Max. These smartphones are more expensive and will bring the company additional income.

Information about the reasons for postponement of the release of the iPhone Xr shared IDC analysts and insiders. Apple representatives, the situation is not commented on.

Source: 9to5Mac


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