Users working with the latest beta version of iOS 12, are faced with a problem – a message appears about updating the software.

Yesterday, several reports appeared in social networks error from iOS 12, as Developer and Public versions. The number of complaints continues to grow, as more people are faced with erroneous notification.

In all cases, after the device is unlocked, a window POPs up that says: “an update is Available iOS. Update is installed on your iOS 12”. Users have the option to close the window, but in the settings of any OS update is missing.

The portal AppleInsider has confirmed that the pop-up window that appears when you unlock the device. Some users reported a popup window appears when calling a control while the others receive the message with a random interval.

According to the developer Gilerme Rambo, constant popup notifications caused by the calculation error of the date in Springboard.

“It seems that this function in Springboard does some calculations the date and time to determine how soon the deadline for the current build, every time when the device is locked. For some reason the latest version of iOS 12 assume that their period will soon expire,” wrote Rimbaud in Twitter.

Apple has not commented on the situation, and it is unknown when the company will solve the problem.

Update error appeared less than two weeks before the presentation of Apple, where the company will release iOS 12 for all.


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