Former Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin in his Twitter urged to abandon Apple because the company has marked Crimea as a Russian territory in its application “Weather”.

A little Yak seem, vidmoviti Vedas Apple, yakscho stink cream ready rossijskim viznati? The y say, well h, CIR of przystosowana… perehodim on Ense, and Tsey brand Belle not visnaga. No one will have jobs). Such a brand is not Mauger Buti number 1, to pobachennya!

— Pavlo Klimkin (@PavloKlimkin) 28 Nov 2019

“A little, as they say, to abandon Apple if they Crimea is ready to accept Russian? And say, well them, these opportunists… go to another, and this brand is no longer recognize. They had no jobs (co-founder of Apple Steve jobs — ed.). A brand can’t be number 1 bye!”.

As you know, Crimea returned to Russia after the March 2014 referendum in which an overwhelming number of voters voted for joining Russia.

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