The smartphone manufacturers a new headache.

Starting in 2019 worldwide will unfold publicly available 5G network, and the producers will release a smartphone with support of networks of the fifth generation. As assured by representatives of the company MediaTek, which produces 5G modems, because of the support 5G of the latest smartphones run the risk of losing in the runtime.

According to the tests MediaTek, the use of 5G networks will certainly require more resources smartphones. Moreover, the company stressed that the difference in the energy consumption of 4G networks will be significant and it will be a major challenge for manufacturers of smartphones.

In MediaTek believe that leading smartphone manufacturers will just have to start using the new generation batteries, or significantly increase the storage capacity of a traditional lithium-ion batteries for mobile devices. Otherwise, because of the support 5G the new smartphones will run in offline mode much less.

Also, MediaTek said that the company is working on a solution to rid the next generations of smartphones from the problem of excessive energy consumption due to the 5G. However, at the moment their decision is suboptimal and does not allow to use the network of the fifth generation at full capacity.

Note that according to rumors, Apple will not hurry with equipping iPhone 5G modem, wanting just the same initially to solve all such problems.


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