Researchers working with BuzzFeed, found in the Apple store, the gap, allows you to steal PIN-codes of clients.

Apple’s online store contained a security vulnerability, which the hackers were able to steal PIN codes SIM-card 77 million users. Victims of potential leaks are the only subscribers of the U.S. operator AT&T.

As reported by BuzzFeed, Apple employees and another American company, whose website contained the same vulnerability, have eliminated the gap shortly after he learned about it.

Apple representatives expressed gratitude to the researchers who shared information about the security problem, but refused to comment further.

Access PIN-code in combination with other methods of fraud could allow an attacker to take over the victim to make calls and send or receive SMS. Many online services use the phone number to confirm the user’s identity and to connect paid services.

At Buzzfeed wrote about the other vulnerabilities that were recently discovered in web services large companies. For example, at T-Mobile, there is a form through which you can order iPhone and activate it on a contract agreement. Some time the hackers using this form by a brute-force attack (brute force combinations) could find out PIN code or part of the social security number of any subscriber of the operator.


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