A resident of the Ukrainian capital Alexander Smoothly, become the heroes of the memes of “person-success” and “the son of my mother’s friends” because of the photos with four smartphones IPhone, explained why he needed such a number of Apple gadgets.

In an interview with Ukrainian edition of “Country” 26-year-old Smoothly explained that the four “IPhone” it needs to run. “As funny as it sounds, I just need four SIM cards. And the iPhone only supports one SIM-card, so four phones,” he said, noting that he likes the phones of this company.

Hero memes also added that he was photographed by accident — he was just sitting in cafes and going about their business. “I didn’t see that I removed. Honestly,” — he admitted.

In February, the site Pikabu appeared the young man in a business suit with four iPhones and AirPods in the ears. The photo became viral, users joked that the young man is perfect for the role “the son of my mother’s friends”, that is, an imaginary, very positive character, whose mom set an example to their sons, or want their daughter married someone like him.

In Ukraine a guy nicknamed “man of success”.

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