In two of the three flagship smartphones, along with increasing built-in store, Apple has again decided to increase the amount of RAM. This is confirmed by the results of synthetic test Geekbench, published by Dutch journalists resource LetsGoDigital.

According to the benchmark, the iPhone XS and XS is Max 4GB of RAM. This is a third more than was available to owners of last year’s iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Obviously, this amount of RAM is largely the necessary innovations for a more efficient processing of augmented reality object.

What is even saved in the Apple iPhone XR

iPhone XR, despite the identical CPU, equipped with 3 GB of RAM. It was a necessary measure for the preservation of the retail price of the device at the level of $ 750. However, even with this amount of RAM is no doubt that the smartphone will run lightning fast, no.

With regard to the increasing computing power of new products, as you might expect, he was not too significant. Even at the presentation Apple said that with the development of a new chipset focused on in-depth support AI and neural networks, providing him only pyatnadcatiletnij performance boost.


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